Governmental Relations

Courson Nickel is a Governmental Relations and Issues Management firm based in Baton Rouge, Louisiana.  The principal partners, Bud Courson and Jim Nickel have nearly forty years of combined experience in Louisiana government and politics.  The services of the firm include public affairs, communications, media outreach, coalition building, grassroots and grass tops organizing and lobbying local, state and federal elected officials.

We believe the first step toward success is a comprehensive strategy.  We begin with a solid understanding of the ultimate goal.  From there, we analyze that goal and determine what the issues are, who we need to reach, how we are going to reach them, what our message should be and how that message will provoke action.

Our clients can access our firm day or night.  We take pride and have a reputation for being accessible at all hours.  When you hire Courson Nickel, you will have us at your fingertips, 24/7.

The area of communication is the most complex element necessary to create a relationship that yields positive results.  Our team can generate grassroots support and act as a governmental liaison.  We help you create a positive identity and image for your effort in the eyes of the government, corporate world, the media and consumers even in the face of a real challenge.

It takes all three – strategy, access and communication to create a successful relationship between business and government.  Whether local, state or federal issues, our team is committed to making your interactions with government run smoothly and to produce the results that your organization is aiming for.

We believe that political leaders respond to people.  Really, despite the cynical view of many, one thing is for sure:  If enough of the right people are pushing hard with a disciplined message, our governmental leaders will respond.  Our firm has experience in managing issues and projects at every level.  We work hard to integrate the media, the public and community leaders into every issue we manage.

Courson Nickel has extensive experience in working with newspapers, radio stations and television stations throughout Louisiana.  We target email lists and specialty media opportunities like trade magazines, trade association websites and newsletters to effectively target your message and turn it into action.
From public policy to public image to lobbying, anywhere in Louisiana and in Washington, D.C., Courson Nickel does what needs to be done to communicate your ideas and needs to governmental entities at every level.




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